Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else review

Bronwen Oliver is convinced she was switched at birth. She is nothing like her family, from her very much not blonde hair to her decision to break up with her boyfriend (who Mom just loooooves) on Prom night after his repeated attempts to convince her to have sex with him. Bronwen refuses...and dumps him. And though she feels sad to be done with the boy, she also feels free.

When Bronwen meets Jared, she's certainly not looking for another boyfriend, but boyfriend he becomes! And Jared is the perfect boyfriend. He's a gentleman, believes in her dreams, has goals of his own, and never pushes her to do anything she isn't ready for. She's finally able to be herself and feels she has found her true family in Jared. Asking her to marry him is just icing on the proverbial cake and though at first the pair plan to wait several years to marry, they just can't wait and plan the day for just a couple of months after Bronwen's graduation. 

As the wedding day grows closer, Bronwen starts wondering if she's found her true self after all, or if she's rushing into a marriage with Jared for other reasons. What follows is some serious decision making...and the best ending of a book I've read in a very long time!

I LOVED Erin McCahan's book. Loved it! Bronwen is a super-powerful, strong-minded, and independent character, making for such a refreshing read. At times funny, sometimes serious, and completely heartfelt, I fell in love with the story and didn't want it to be done. However, when it did end, I was so, so, SO happy with how the author chose to end it, that I literally jumped up and down. Cheesy, yes, but totally genuine. 

Jared is the boy that all of us want to meet and though I kept expecting some twist to turn him into a jerk, it didn't come. He may have been a bit overeager, but it felt so real and true to the personality that McCahan created for him. Couldn't get enough of this boy. 

I will be sending this book to my niece this Christmas, with full confidence she'll love it as much as I did. And I encourage all of you to go pick it up, if you haven't already. Light enough to appeal to Meg Cabot fans, but realistic, with such rich, characters that Sarah Dessen fans will enjoy it as well. Such an awesome book!

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
Erin McCahan
272 pages
Young Adult
Arthur A. Levine 
June 2010
Book borrowed from my local library

Cybils read 2010


Nomes said...

ahhh, another simply must read review. love your enthusiasm for this :) i'm so going to love it i can tell.

can't get this one in Australia yet :(

love your review style


Amanda said...

Thank you! I'm so glad I made it sound as good as it was!

Does Amazon or BN deliver to Australia? I'm sure it would end up costing you quite a bit though...

Meg said...

Sounds like a really cute read! And I really love the name "Bronwen" -- so cool.

Michelle said...

I fell in the middle on this one. I thought it was a nice easy read but I felt like the relationship between Bronwen and Jared was rushed.