Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Little Pink Princess Purse review

I'm not always into reviewing novelty items, since I don't have children in the house to play with them immediately and give them an honest review. Whenever I get together with nieces and nephews, I always bring things I've been sent, but that's not often enough for me to take things on a regular basis. This fun, girly book though? Had to see it for myself!

My Little Pink Princess Purse is by Stephen T. Johnson, creator of the bestselling My Little Red Toolbox, which I've seen all over the place. It's filled with lift-the-flaps, "rhinestone" glasses, a quill, punch-out diamond rings and fancy scratch-and-sniff perfume bottles, a crown, and of course, a mirror to check one's self out in after adorning all the goodies!

Definitely a fantastic gift to inspire imagination in a little girl that loves princessy stuff. I can see little girls getting together and pretending they're going to a ball and playing for hours with this book. And it's not electronic, digital, or at all technological! Yay for using your imagination!

My one concern with the book is actually with the binding. All of the punch-outs and accessories included inside the pages are made of very thick, sturdy cardboard, but the binding is fairly thin and flimsy. After being opened and closed to many times, I could see it easily tearing and separating the pages. Overall though, a lot of fun. 

My Little Pink Princess Purse 
Stephen T. Johnson
16 pages
Simon & Schuster
October 2010
Review copy provided by publisher

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