Monday, November 15, 2010

Non-Fiction Monday: Creative Kitchen Krafts

If I was still a 10 year old, I would be salivating over this book! I was one of those kids that loved to make crafts and attempted to cook edible foods, but was never very good at either... something that Kathy Ross takes into account when she creates her books. All the crafts are almost fool-proof and have enough creative aspects that it doesn't matter if the end result looks pretty. 

Kids can make things from a recipe card holder to flip-flop trivets, slow cooker "hats," and coasters. All can be customized for both girls and boys, so no gender bias here! The crafts are fairly simple, though some will need a bit of adult help, so the fact that this book is part of the "Girl Crafts" series is quite misleading (and more than a tad annoying...boys can do kitchen crafts, stamping, and jewelry crafts too ya know). Still great stuff in here, regardless of what series it comes from. 

Illustrated pictures demonstrate the individual steps and the final product for each craft. If you can find this one before the holidays really get in full swing, it would make an excellent guidebook for kids to make gifts for friends and family. Most of the supplies can be found around the house or at a dollar store. Cheap and simple!

Libraries will definitely want this on-hand and art teachers could probably get quite a bit of use out of it as well. And if you have a crafty child, definitely check it out for holiday gift-giving. 

Creative Kitchen Crafts
Kathy Ross
48 pages
Millbrook Press
September 2010
Review copy received from publisher

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