Monday, November 29, 2010

Non-Fiction Monday: Nightmare Plagues

As horrific as they may be, plagues are incredibly interesting. A single person or just a few people spreading an illness to hundreds or thousands of other people seems unfathomable, though it's happened many times over the course of history and is even currently happening in Haiti with cholera killing hundreds of Haitians. The more we can learn about these diseases, the less likely plagues will continue to happen. 

Bearport Press has a fantastic series called "Nightmare Plagues" that covering six different plagues. Titles include:

Tuberculosis: The White Plague!
Typhoid Fever: Dirty Food, Dirty Water!
Bubonic Plague: The Black Death!
Smallpox: Is It Over?
The Flu of 1918: Millions Dead Worldwide!
Malaria: Super Killer!

Each contains lots of facts on the history of the disease, where it may have originated, and the parts of the world that have been most affected by outbreaks. Photographs, drawings, maps, and a glossary are included as well, breaking up the text and keeping things interesting. Everything is presented bright and bold, keeping your eyes moving across the page and really making the books easy to read and appearing less "educational" (and for kids, that's a definite plus!). 

I think I learned the most from the book about smallpox, though I was really impressed with the wealth of information surrounding the flu. I think we've all heard about these plagues throughout history, but until you actually read a single title on them, you'll be surprised at how complex the illness truly are. 

Great for libraries or for homeschooling families.

Review copies provide by Bearport Press.

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