Friday, December 10, 2010

Mini-Reviews: Cybils edition

I'm reading a lot of great books during the Cybils this year and am running out of time to review them all! I haven't done a mini-review feature in quite awhile, so this seemed like a great time.

You know the plot summaries during these mini-reviews. Just a couple of sentences to share my thoughts on why I liked the book. Hopefully a couple will spark your interest and you'll check them out!

Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly

Drea is probably one of the coolest characters I've met in YA fiction. She's quirky and interesting, and written SO well. The plot is edgy and completely believable and the entire concept of a girl with high-functioning Asperger's forming a band with a misfit and a cute boy is fantastic. A great read all the way through. 

288 pages
Young Adult
Henry Holt
Book borrowed from my library

Stolen by Lucy Christopher

I was impressed at how quickly this book pulled me in and I wasn't able to put it down until I had read the entire thing. Super-fast pace, a unique story, and a truly intriguing look into what it may mean to be kidnapped. It sort of reminded me of a YA Jodi Picoult novel...the reader gets to see both sides of a controversial issue. I really enjoyed reading it, as serious as the subject matter was. 

304 pages
Young Adult
Chicken House
May 2010
Review copy borrowed

Three Rivers Rising: A Novel of the Johnstown Flood by Jame Richards

A beautifully written story in verse. We didn't get a whole lot of verse novels this year and this one combines historical fiction, suspense, romance, and a bit of education all in one. A tragic story, but it's done in such a way that you won't be able to put it down and you'll want to go research this flood when you're finished reading. I encourage any fan of historical fiction to check this one out. Beautiful cover too!

304 pages
Young Adult
April 2010
Book borrowed from my library

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