Monday, December 6, 2010

Upcoming blog goodies

It's December and that means the month of lists. Pretty soon I'll be listing all my favorites from the year...YA, MG, and Adult. I'm sure it will be hard to actual sit down and make those lists (it always is), but it's so much fun to go through all the books I've read over 12 months. I know the numbers will be much lower this year than last, but I'm ok with that.

In my personal life, things have been more than a little crazy. Over the Thanksgiving holiday my poor husband had some serious mouth issues resulting in emergency oral surgery on Thanksgiving Day (of all days) and with only 60% anesthesia. Horrible, horrible. His face was huge, he had a drain in his jaw, and he wasn't able to have any fun (or food) on his vacation. Such is life I guess.

Zoey, the bulldog, ruptured her ACL, so we're looking at a ridiculously expensive surgery for a dog that already costs us thousands a year. And right before Christmas, of course. Gotta love dogs.

Cybils reading is in fast-pace mode now, with the deadline looming ahead. Lots of great books, lots of not-so-great books, but a whole lot of fun!

And that is all for now! Look for my "Best Of" lists soon!


Shelley said...

That surgery sounds awful! I hope the dog's goes better.

Alison said...

Your poor husband and dog!
I'm doing a lot of lists this month too. It's fun to put everything together, but a lot of work.