Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picture Book Saturday

Happy Saturday! I have a few fun books I ran across this week...

Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

It's cold and wintery outside and we all could use a bowl of hot, steaming bowl of soup! A perfect read for a relaxing weekend at home, this is the sweet story of a child and her mother creating a vegetable soup from scratch. We see the process from purchasing vegetables at the market, to chopping them up, to choosing just the right pasta to finish off the dish. 

In between cooking, mother and child play games, read books, and hide from monsters, making for an exciting (and yummy!) afternoon. Complete with a recipe for vegetable soup, this is a fantastic choice for getting kids excited about fresh, healthy food and helping in the kitchen. to help in the kitchen. The pacing is very nice, the illustrations bright and vivid, and the text is simple and to the point. Loved it!

Soup Day
Melissa Iwai
32 pages
Picture Book
Henry Holt
Review copy 
September 2010

Where Do Giggles Come From by Diane Muldrow and illustrator Anne Kennedy

A great family read, this one features different types of animal families being silly together! A cute, rhyming story shows animal "children" giggling while doing all sorts of fun activities like twirling in the mirror, hanging upside, and taking a bath. It's interactive and fun, making for a great story for toddlers. It's so much fun to be silly!

I grew up with Little Golden Books and am still giving them as baby shower gifts today. Such sweet stories in such a nicely presented package! I still think The Pokey Little Puppy is my favorite, but this one is pretty adorable too.

Where Do Giggles Come From?
Diane Muldrow
24 pages
Picture Book
Little Golden Books
January 2011
Review copy

God Gave Us the World by Lisa Tawn Bergren and illustrator Laura J. Bryant

I'm a big fan of this Christian series by Bergren and Bryant and was really excited to see a new addition! Soft illustrations are accompanied by a story that encourages children to ask questions and seek answers about God from their parents. 

A simple question about why God didn't make us all the same leads to a beautiful telling of how great our Creator is and how He is amazing and creative, forming a beautiful diversity in our world. We are told how each child is a special creation and that being different from one another is a blessing!

Like the other books in this series, it tends to be a little wordy, but it does have such a fantastic message. I think it's really important to talk about these topics at a young age (if you believe in God and such), and I love to give these books as gifts for new babies!

God Gave Us the World
Lisa Tawn Bergren
40 pages
Picture Book
Waterbrook Press
January 2011
Review copy


Shelly B said...

I loved the Pokey Little Puppy and still enjoy Little Golden Books for the young ones!

Jes said...

I would love to look at God Gave Us World if you wouldn't mind. Nate is very inquisitive about that stuff and I might be interested in buying some of that series, if I like them :)
And Yay! for Little Golden Books