Thursday, February 10, 2011

Delirium review

Lena has grown up in her safe society, believing that nothing is wrong with the manner in which the government runs things. It's all she knows. In Lena's world, at age 18, everyone is given an antidote to love or"deliria" as it's referred to. Love is seen as a disease to which nothing but trouble can come of and being cured of this disease is something each teen looks forward to until the day they are injected. Lena can't wait until her 18th birthday so she can not only be cured, but also find out what career she'll be assigned to and who she'll marry.
95 days prior to her birthday, Lena meets Alex, a mysterious guy that she begins to fall in love with, no matter how much she wants to do anything but. She begins to question the reasoning and intentions of her government to cure people of love, finally beginning to understand the feeling that her resulted in her mother killing herself years ago. Lena is no longer confident in her beliefs and is slowly drawn into Alex's world of freedom as her time to be cured draws closer.
Even at almost 450 pages, the pacing of Delirium was excellent. I liked the slow buildup and the fast moving ending. I enjoyed Lena's character and the storyline and though it wasn't entirely original, I found myself racing through the book. Apparently this is book one of a planned trilogy (exciting!) and I'll definitely want to be reading those others.
As a lover of dystopian, I liked that this one was a bit quieter. It wasn't all action and violence and thrill rides, it was more thoughtful and rich, with lots of details and descriptions. This government felt a bit more believeable than others and though the idea of love being a literal disease needing a cure is a bit ridiculous, Oliver makes you believe it. Sometimes the quiet ones pack a punch!

Lauren Oliver
448 pages
Young Adult
February 2011
Review copy


Beth S. said...

Great description of this book: I agree that the tone of it was definitely quieter than most dystopians. That was a perfect way of explaining what made this book stand out.

Nely said...

I loved this one too! Great review and I'm glad to see you enjoyed it as well.

Jes said...

This sounds like my type of book!

Amanda said...

Beth and Nely, it was nice to have something from this genre not be super fast-paced. I like the slow feel!

Jes, you probably would like it. I don't have a copy or I would lend it to you!

mouseprints said...

I just bought this one. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Jes said...

I'm going to see about trying to get it from one of the libraries...I can always have the one here order it if I have to!