Sunday, February 13, 2011

IMM Week 28 and a reminder

I didn't get anything in my mailbox this week. Well, nothing of note. However, I did still want to post this weekend, in support of Kristi, the host of In My Mailbox over at The Story Siren. Apparently she's been getting some grief over "exploiting" and "bragging" about what bloggers receive free from publishers and those of us that participate in her weekly feature are standing up for her (and ourselves). 

Yes, a lot of book bloggers receive free books in the mail. They aren't exactly "free" though, as we're expected to read them and then chat them up via our blogs/Twitter/Facebook/etc. If we enjoy the book, we're helping to market it and get more copies sold. I love to be a part of a book making the NYT bestseller list and even if it doesn't get that far, just get a debut novel that shines into the hands of people that may never have heard of it before. 

What Kristi does and what I do is not bragging, it's sharing in an experience. Seeing each other's IMM posts helps to remind us what's coming out soon or what we should keep our eyes out for. It's not posted to be mean or snotty. And if you're one of those that IS offended by those posts, you certainly don't have to read them!

The next part of this post is to remind you of one of my favorite times of year, happening tomorrow! Not Valentine's Day, but Cybils Day! The Cybil winners are being posted tomorrow and having spent months on the Round 1 YA panel, I'm super excited to see which they chose as the winner. Head over to the Cybils blog for all the info tomorrow morning! 


Shelly B said...

Well said Amanda! You're right, it's not bragging, it's marketing and it's been proven over and over again that book bloggers do make a difference. People that don't believe that or think we're being snotty, don't have to follow or read our blogs.

Beth S. said...

I never thought it was showing off either. All IMM has done for me is expand my TBR list exponentially. Authors and publishers should be elated about IMM.

And the idea that book bloggers are just passing around free books? Malarkey. Book bloggers are some of the only people I know that buy excessive amounts of books and then display them like trophies on their bookshelves.

And furthermore, isn't it a good thing that there are people out there who love books and are excited to "show them off"? The whole "showing off" thing is a bit true, but in the sense of, "Look at this awesome book I just got. I can't wait to read it. You should totally read it too!" Not, "Look what I got. You can't have it. I'm so much awesomer than you." I have never felt that vibe from any book blogger who participates in IMM.

April (BooksandWine) said...

Right on.

I completely agree with ALL OF THIS.