Monday, February 14, 2011

Non-Fiction Monday: Animal Colors

It's been a really long time since I've gushed over a non-fiction book, but you're getting gushing today! Animal Colors is such a visually interesting book, from cover to cover, that librarians aren't going to be able to keep it on their shelves. 

Great for homeschooling families or even just for kids to browse themselves, this one has it all. Each page spread focuses on a distinct color or color combination, featuring animals/insects that are that color, with facts about the animals in the sidebar. 

The brilliant red page features a lobster, a turkey, and a red panda, while the bright yellow page shows us facts about the yellow tree frog, the tang fish, and an eyelash viper. My favorite page was the black and white animals with the zebra, a dog, a panda, and a snowy owl, among others. 

The book is so visually beautiful and factually interesting that it will please kids from toddler through middle school. Your younger kids can learn their colors while looking at all sorts of cool animals and insects and your older kids can start learning animal trivia. I loved this one!

Animal Colors: A Rainbow of Colors from Animals Around the World
Beth Fielding
32 pages
Earlylight Books
August 2010
Review copy

4 comments: said...

What a fun way for the little ones to learn colors! Much more interesting than common objects.

Beth S. said...

Sounds awesome! Gonna give this one a try!

Amanda said...

Glad it peaks your interest. I loved it!

Roberta said...

Sounds like a fun and educational book.