Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sweetness of Salt review

Julia and her sister Sophie have never been close. Being born ten years apart is one thing, but the way Sophie has always treated Julia and her parents is definitely the main factor in their estrangement.
When she graduates from high school, valedictorian and with plans to study law, Julia definitely doesn't expect Sophie to show up for the ceremony, bearing keys to a new car and a request for Julia to come visit her in Vermont. And she really doesn't expect to take her sister up on the offers. 

Traveling to Vermont, against her parents wishes, results in Julia questioning the mindset she's had her entire life, including her reasons for choosing law school, her opinions on why Julia was always so mean and distant, and her "relationship" with the boy next door. Some serious sister-time and self-reflection takes front focus on this novel and in the best way possible.

Galante has written a story about a relationship between two sisters, but with so much more on the side. The writing is beautiful and from the beginning you'll be drawn into the emotion of this family and their powerful secrets and the pain that comes out because of those secrets. It's moving and ultimately heartwarming. 

Another hit out of the park for Cecelia Galante!

The Sweetness of Salt
Cecelia Galante
320 pages
Young Adult
November 2010
Review copy

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