Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trapped review

I know a lot of you are stuck under blankets of snow and ice, dreaming of warm beaches and hot summer days! If you are one of those unlucky people, skip this book until the snow has melted or you may end up a bit paranoid. Being snowed in tends to do that to a person.

In Trapped we meet seven kids, all waiting at their high school to be picked up before a big blizzard hits their area. Unfortunately, before their rides show up, the weather turns and they're snowed in at the school, unable to leave and with no signs of the snow stopping. At first, seeing the situation as an adventure, the kids are excited to explore and hang out, but as the weather continues to get worse, things inside get pretty tense. When the power and heat go out, the group knows they're in trouble and start to seek out a way to leave, leading to a pretty big, life or death decision.

You will totally feel the tension ooze out of the pages of this one, as these carefree kids are faced with a definite high pressure situation. I could really see something like this happening, especially where I went to high school in Upstate NY, where the high school was situated on a rural road in the country, at the top of a big hill. If something like this happened there, no one was getting up or down those hills! Scary thought. I know what I would have done books in the library. Duh!

I liked Scotty. He read as a fairly typical teen boy (though take that with a grain of salt...I'm a girl) and the rest of the cast fit the mold of high school clique members. I definitely can see the comparions some other reviewers are making to The Breakfast Club, with a little added danger. A page turner for sure, though I was a bit disappointed with the super-abrupt ending. Enjoyable though!

Michael Northrup
240 pages
Young Adult
Scholastic Press
February 2011
Review copy


Beth S. said...

I think every review I've read of this book talks about the disappointing ending. What a bummer because the rest of the book sounds wonderful. I can't wait to read it! said...

I'm one of those enjoying :(! the snow and cold, but it stills sounds like a book I'd like to read. Having grown up in Wisconsin, the plot intrigues me, and I probably would have liked being stuck at school with the library all to myself!!!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Similar idea to my spring 2012 release. Maybe I should pick it up! said...

Such a timely review as I just put this in my to read list today. Thank you.

Susan said...

This was definitely a page turner, although not the best or the worst one I've ever read. The plot does seem a lot more sinister considering all the snow that's been dumping lately. It's been in the 30s in the Phoenix area. Crazy!