Saturday, March 12, 2011

Picture Book Saturday

Just 2 reviews today! Enjoy!

Say Hello to Zorro by Carter Goodrich

I love books about dogs, we all know that, and I especially love books that remind me of MY dogs. The exact situation between Mr. Bud and Zorro happened in my house between Shae and Zoey, so exact that even my husband got a kick out the book and that means a lot! 

Mr. Bud enjoys his life immensely. He has a simple schedule that his humans know to never deviate from and he relishes in his daily naps, walks, and movie time. The single life is good. And then the humans decide that Mr. Bud needs a friend and bring home Zorro, a bossy little dog who likes to pick on Mr. Bud. Eventually, the pair learn that life is better with a friend and they enjoy each other's company, taking walks/naps together and having a ball playing!

If you have a couple of dogs, you should definitely get your hands on this one and if you don't, kids will still giggle at the silliness of Mr. Bud and Zorro. The illustrations are adorable and definitely do justice to the dogs. 

Say Hello to Zorro
Carter Goodrich
48 pages
Picture Book
Simon & Schuster
March 2011
Review copy provided by publisher

Cuddle Up, Goodnight by Katie Cleminson

Perfect for bedtime, this one shows the reader what a young child does throughout the entire day, leading up to the process of getting ready for bed all over again. 

We see the child wake up, get dressed and go to school, play, and eat dinner, all before beginning to wind down for bedtime with a bath and books. The child does all this with his animal friends, all illustrated in beautifully soft colors, making it a really nice choice for reading at bedtime. 

Great for a baby shower/new baby gift as well! What new parent doesn't want bedtime books??

Cuddle Up, Goodnight
Katie Cleminson
32 pages
Picture Books
February 2011
Review copy provided by publisher


Janssen said...

Cuddle up Goodnight looks DARLING! Just requested it from my library.

brandyreneebruce said...

Great blog post! I love picture books! On another note, can I recommend a novel to you? Check out my new novel Looks Like Love! I'd love to know your thoughts about it. :) Blessings!