Monday, May 23, 2011

Cookies and Smoothies!!

While most of my lovely readers are off at BEA, basking in the glow of bloggy-friends, publishers, books, and everything related to reading, I thought I would do some non-traditional reviews here at the blog (at least non-traditional for this blog). Why not mix it up a bit?

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to review two cookbooks and now that I've made a few recipes out of each, I wanted to share the verdict with you all. If only could actually taste the results...yum!

Cookies, Cookies, & More Cookies! is by Lilach German and has a ton of delicious recipes paired with really bold and bright photos. My favorite cookbooks have tons of photos of the food featured in the recipe...very important to me. I need to see what I'm making!

I made three cookie recipes out of this one so far: the Cinnamon Twists, the Granola cookies, and the Nutella Thumbprints.

The Cinnamon Twists are in the "Cookies for Kids" section and were definitely super easy. 4 ingredients end up making 60 twists are they were really yummy. These would be great for a kid's party or to wrap up in a cellophane bag for a gift. 

The Granola Cookies are in the "Cookies for the Health Conscious" section and are chock full of yummy (and healthy) goodies, like raisins, pumpkin seeds, and almond slivers. I altered this one a bit, exchanging the cloves for cinnamon, and they came out crispy and really tasty. These would be great for taking on a hike.

Finally, I made the Nutella Thumbprints, also found in the "Cookies for Kids" section. The recipe makes a ton of cookies and it has NUTELLA! I'm a huge Nutella eating it straight from the jar these were definitely a big hit with me. I brought them to a potluck and they went fast!

The recipes I tried turned out great, so I expect the rest will turn out pretty fabulous as well. I really liked the two sections in the front featuring baking tools and ingredients preparation, making it a pretty nice choice for a beginner baker. 

I also was able to try out a few smoothie recipes from Smoothies, Smoothies, & More Smoothies by Leah Shomron & Hani Borovsky. We drink a lot of smoothies in the Snow household and I knew we would have fun trying out these!

The CinnaApple Almond was smooth and tasty...reminded me of fall! I like that there weren't a whole lot of ingredients to add and I was looking for a chance to try almond butter anyways. Yum! Nice for a meal replacement or for some extra protein. The almond butter probably takes the calorie count way up, but the smoothie will definitely fill you up!

Light 'n' Peachy wasn't my favorite, but if I did a simple swap next time, I think it would end up much more appealing to me. The recipe calls for both peaches and apricots and the apricots ended up making the smoothie have a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Too bitter for me. I think I would stick with just the peaches next time. 

The Lovingly Lemon was my favorite of the 3 I tried. The lemon and pineapple were a great combo and the smoothie was refreshing after a workout. You could even add some rum into this one for a party. 

I do wish each smoothie had some nutrition facts included, even if it were just fat, calories, and protein. I use smoothies as meal replacements a lot and I want to make sure I'm getting everything I need .

I did really appreciate that there was a photo for almost every smoothie recipe and the section on how to choose ingredients for your smoothies. Very helpful!

SO, now I expect you all that aren't at BEA to run off and be inspired to bake and use your blender! If you would like any of the recipes I mentioned, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to help you out!

Happy eating!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Charlesbridge that sent me these cookbooks to review!


Lisa said...

send me the twists and the thumbprints! I need an easy cookie, and NUTELLA! yum.

Susan said...

Oooh, Nutella thumbprints ... yum :)