Monday, May 2, 2011

Non-Fiction Monday: First Big Book of Why

The number of questions answered in this book is pretty amazing in itself, but throw in bold color choices, bright photography, and a fantastic layout and a success you have one awesome book!

Kids are always asking questions and we obviously can't answer them all (half if we're lucky). Covering four different categories: Amazing Me, How Things Work, Animals All Around, and Wonders of the World, answers abound on these pages! 

Questions like "why can't we touch the stars?" and "why do I have a belly button" accompany more complex questions such as "why do some people have twins" and why do planes fly." The range is quite amazing, but the answers are totally straight forward. 

Lots of neat facts are also included on question page, all related to the original question, as are some cool experiments kids can do on their own. 

This one will be available on May 10th.

First Big Book of Why
Amy Shields
128 pages
National Geographic
May 2011
Review copy provided by publisher

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Jes said...

Total WIN! Probably Nate's favorite book yet...this is the perfect book for a kid that has to know about everything :)