Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thoughts on the awesomeness that is Divergent

By now, you all do not need a plot synopsis of this book, as it's all over the web and all of your blogs. Let's just say, I loved it. Love, love, love, love, love. Action, great character development, and a fast-paced plot totally sucked me in from the beginning.

There's a bit of a creepiness factor and enough violence that those loving the violence in The Hunger Games won't be disappointed. The emotions each character exhibited came out as real and honest and the fact that it's a trilogy has me almost drooling for more. 

Handed it to my teen ARC readers club and they loved it. Handed it to my 30-year-old male cousin and he loved it. 

Just go get it. It's awesome!

A quick note on the's the only part of the book I'm not a fan of it. And neither were my teens. Every single one of them said they wouldn't have picked up the book if I hadn't book talked it. It has a weird sci-fi vibe boy book vibe going on. Just don't judge on the cover!

Veronica Roth
496 pages
Young Adult
Katherine Tegen Books
May 2011
Review copy provided by publisher


April (BooksandWine) said...

I'm with you. I totally was not feeling the cover and wouldn't have picked up Divergent if not for Twitter. I hope it gets a repackage for paperback!

LinWash said...

I'm reading Divergent now and am loving it!

Abby said...

I really have to get my hands on this book! I know so many people who have loved it!

sally apokedak said...

yes! I loved it also. I thought the characters were well developed, which is something I often find wanting in fast-paced books.