Friday, May 6, 2011

The Weird Sisters review

Sisters Rosalind, Cordelia, and Bianca have grown up with Shakespeare-loving parents (as we can tell just from their names) and more than their fair share of disfunction. All are grown, having left home and started their own lives, but their mother's illness has brought them all back together, each with their own set of serious issues to deal with. There's a pregnancy, some embezzlement, and a huge vat of resentment stewing on these pages. 
As the girls attempt to deal with their mother's decline in health, they also have to sort out problems with men, each other, and themselves. Their self reflection is deep, while the dialogue is quite humorous, as each sister has their own very distinct personality and manner of dealing with the problems at hand. Their father speaks mainly in quotes from his beloved Shakespeare, which after a little getting used to, is quite charming, and the overall voice was brilliantly done. 

Told from all three of the women's perspectives, it is most definitely a unique voice, and one I've never come across before. I was pulled into their story from the first few lines and just wanted to keep on reading until the stories of each girl had come to a close. I don't have a sister myself, but I had a lot of fun reading about these sisters! 

The Weird Sisters
Eleanor Brown
336 pages
Adult fiction
Amy Einhorn Books
January 2011
Library copy

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