Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know review

After flipping through these four books that came in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago, I was really impressed with both the series concept and the presentation. Each is based on a city in the United States and uses fact boxes, illustrations, photographs, and lists to inform kids on everything and anything having to do with that area of the county. 

I was able to review the books that were closest to my region of the U.S, including Richmond, Charleston, Charlotte, and Raleigh. Each page is bright and bold and entirely readable. Small anecdotes are included with the photographs/illustrations and the facts are FUN. Nothing dry or boring on these pages! 

My favorite part of each book was the short "Birds and Words" section at the back. These were the facts that I find fun and silly, like a state's bird or a state's official drink. Why do we have an official drink anyways?! Virginia's state drink, by the way, is milk. 

Very cool books, short, yet informative. They would make great additions to any classroom or library. There are 21 books in the series from all over the country!

Just a note on the publisher, Arcadia Kids, they make/print/assembly every single book in the U.S., which I LOVE. And their books are printed on paper from well-managed forests. FSC Mixed Source certified! Awesome job Arcadia Kids!

Thanks to Raab Associates for the review copies. 


Tina's Blog said...

These books look like ones my oldest daughter would love. How many are in the series?

Amanda said...

Tina, according to their website there are 21 books from all over the place. Here's the link: