Thursday, June 2, 2011

New graphic novel fun!

Babymouse is back and she's bringing a new friend with her! The 14th book in the crazy-popular Babymouse series, titled Mad Scientist, was just released and in it she introduces us to Squish, an amoeba who has his own graphic novel, Super Amoeba, also out now.

These are great for reluctant readers or for those not quite ready to step into the realm of longer graphic novels. They're short, silly, and adorable. Jennifer and Matthew Holm know what they're doing to get kids reading...I recommend them all the time!

Thanks to Random House for sending over these review copies!

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Angela Darling said...

I love baby mouse! I was so sad that the school (where I sub at) doesn't have a single copy of them in the library! :( I'm excited to check out squish!