Monday, June 20, 2011

Non-Fiction Monday: Oil Spill!

I've been waiting for a great book to be published about last year's Gulf oil spill and Elaine Landau has done a fantastic job with this one. The bold, in-your-face cover is an immediate introduction to what readers will find inside the book, which is chock full of great info. 

The oil spill back in April of 2010 was the biggest spill in the history of the United States and thus deserves an in-depth explanation of how it happened, what trauma it caused, and how it's being fixed. Landau breaks down all the "stuff" into a very readable format, while still including all the essential facts. The text is not at all heavy (very important when it comes to non-fiction for kids) and is mixed in with detailed photographs of the water, the animals, and the cleanup effort. Great illustrations of what went on underwater are also included. 

The book is broken up into 5 chapters, each with a specific theme, following the timeline of the spill. Chapter 1 is all about the day of the spill and Chapter 5 ends up with "What's to Be Done." There is also a section on "Oil's Messy History," explaining a bit about other oil spills, as well as a section on what we can do from our own homes/towns. 

A very nice resource for classrooms and libraries. 

Oil Spill! Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico
Elaine Landau
32 pages
Millbrook Books
March 2011
Review copy provided by publisher


Abby said...

Wonderful! I just ordered this book for my library, so it's great to see another positive review!

Books4Learning said...

I enjoy Elaine Landau's books. Looks like a good read on a timely topic. Thanks for sharing.