Monday, June 6, 2011

Non-Fiction Monday: Weird Sports

Despite it's unfortunate cover, Weird Sports would be a great addition to a library or classroom collection. I'm always on the lookout for books that will appeal to reluctant readers, as well as to sports fans, and this one has that great combination of being unique, being presented in a readable format, and also including some excellent "weirdness."

Mixed in with brief (and funny!) explanations about all sorts of strange sports are fun fact boxes and tips from the pros of the sports shown in super-bright colors. The page layouts are fantastic and the photographs are clear and really illustrate the sport well. 

The reader will learn about everything from mullet tossing (yep...tossing fish is a sport) to toilet racing and cheese rolling. Some are utterly ridiculous (uhhh...chess boxing?) and some are just plain fun (underwater hockey anyone??). I had a ton of fun flipping through this book!

Again, I have to mention the cover. It totally does not do the book justice and should have been scrapped for a nice bold photograph like those featured inside. Don't let the cover scare you away, it's a book worth having!

Weird Sports
Michael Teitelbaum
48 pages
Beach Ball Books
April 2011

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asuen said...

This one lives up to its name! Thanks for participating in Nonfiction Monday this week!
:-) Anastasia