Saturday, July 16, 2011

Picture Book Saturday

I'm featuring one of my favorite illustrators this week and a bit of Maisy. Hopefully you'll find something to read with your family!

King Hugo's Huge Ego by Chris Van Dusen

One of my favorite picture books, both to read and to sell, is The Circus Ship, so I was really excited to see Van Dusen's newest in my mailbox. 

This one tells the tale of a King who is a tad bit too confident! When his pompous attitude meets Tessa, a sorceress, she places a spell on the King, causing his head to swell. It keeps growing and growing until he can no longer fit in his own castle!

The hilarious story is paired with even funnier illustrations. Seriously some of the silliness, laugh-out-loud worthy illustrations I've ever seen. Your kids will be laughing, you'll be chuckling, and both of you will develop quite the fondness for this flawed, yet ultimately sweet, King. 

Definitely a great pick for a read aloud! 

King Hugo's Huge Ego
Chris Van Dusen
40 pages
Picture Book
July 2011
Review copy provided by publisher

Maisy's Amazing Big Book of Learning by Lucy Cousins

I love Maisy books. I think the brightness of the colors are incredibly appealing to the toddler/preschool age group and the concepts taught are simplistic and presented in a easy-to-understand format. 

This latest includes lots of cool flaps and TONS of cool stuff to learn. From days of the week to animals and counting, shapes, patterns, it really has a bit of everything, yet the information is presented in very small increments, allowing your child to really grasp what Maisy is doing. Too much on the page is just information overload in my opinion. 

A really nice book for just beginning the process of teaching these concepts to your kids. No need to go through the entire book, let the child pick the page to work on. That makes it fun! Great for ages 2+

Maisy's Amazing Big Book of Learning
Lucy Cousins
64 pages
Picture Book
July 2011
Review copy provided by publisher

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