Friday, August 19, 2011


A couple of months ago I had the chance to review a couple of cookbooks on smoothies and cookies. I had such a good time testing out recipes (and eating them) that when offered another cookbook from Charlesbridge I was excited to give it a try. This one was on one of my favorite desserts: cupcakes!

If you hang out with my husband and I, you know we have a slight obsession with cupcakes. It all started when our son was in the hospital in Albuquerque, NM and we liked to bring treats to our favorite nurses. Believe me, we were very popular in that NICU! We fell in love with a little cupcake shop, Cake Fetish. They had delicious cupcakes (the Half-Baked was our favorite) and great prices, so we were there quite often in those four months!

Then we moved across the country to Northern VA and have acquainted ourselves with Georgetown Cupcake where the Key Lime is my favorite and Cupcakes Actually, which has a delicious Apple Blossom cake, but really their OMG flavor is just fabulous. 

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, & More Cupcakes by Lilach German definitely helped cut the costs of treating ourselves to one $3 cupcake, by featuring a lot of the flavors we love in a homemade version. I tried three different recipes over the past couple of months with pretty good results. 

In the "Cupcakes for Kiddies" section, I tried the Oreo cupcakes, which were delicious and definitely kid friendly. They were easy enough to make that your kids could help with the process. The frosting was ridiculously yummy and really a good cupcake should be!

In the "Classics" section, I gave the Ginger Orange cupcakes a try, because I had some leftover ginger hanging out in the fridge. These were delicious, as well, though I omitted the garnish. My glaze was definitely very pretty and looked nothing like the photo, but it tasted great!

And finally, in the "A Cupcake for Your Health" section, I tried the Vegan Dark Chocolate Cupcakes and they were, by far, my favorite. They had a thick, brownie-like texture and the frosting was creamy and had great flavor. Being the pregnant lady that I am, I left out the coffee liqueur and instead, mixed some instant espresso granules with warm water to give that added coffee flavor without the alcohol. 

I do have a couple of complaints about the book, though overall I was pretty satisfied with the results. I had to pick the recipes I chose carefully, because a lot of them included ingredients that I could not easily find or were what I would deem "expensive" for cupcakes. If I were making something for a fancy occasion, I might splurge on rosewater (if I even know where to find it), but if I were hosting an event that called for that fancy of an ingredient, I would be purchasing my cupcakes from a professional in the first place!

Most of the recipes with the difficult ingredients were in a section meant for "Cupcake Connoisseurs," so that was really the only portion of the book I didn't touch. Maybe as I get better at this whole baking thing, I might venture into the harder section. 

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, and More Cupcakes
Lilach German
144 pages
Imagine Publishing
September 2011
Review copy provided by publisher


Maeve Frazier said...

I love cupcakes almost as much as cookies! Thanks for the book recommendation.

Jes said...

Oh my! Does Tiff know about this book? Hehe