Sunday, August 21, 2011


As a book blogger, it's always fun to mix things up a little bit and review something a little different. I was recently able to review three games from Klutz, a company I'm always buying birthday and Christmas gifts from and I had such a great time doing it! The husband might have enjoyed himself a bit too...

So, the first thing we played with was Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide. More of a kit than simply a game or a book, you get both with this set. A hysterically named "Sleeve of Doom" accompanies a small paperback book which includes strategies, different games to play, and my favorite: trash talk. So much fun!

The sleeve makes it pretty impossible to cheat, so even if you're just going to play the regular old thumb war, wear the sleeve! There's also instructions for playing with foil "hooks" and marshmallows. You can even MUD WRESTLE by using a cup of pudding in between your hands!! Seriously, this is such a simple setup, but it's absolutely hilarious to partake in. We very much enjoyed ourselves. 

Next, we opened up The 15 Greatest Board Games in the World. Now, I am going to have to disagree with the title...I don't really think they're the greatest board games in the entire world, but we certainly had fun playing most of the games. 

The pieces for every game come in a handy case, which makes it easy to store right inside the book. Each page spread includes one side for game instructions and one side for the actual game board. Boards are nicely illustrated, with each looking a bit different, which was nice. 

We didn't play all 15 games (only so much free time I suppose), but the seven we did play were a lot of fun. Our favorite? China Moon. 

I do definitely agree with the age minimum being 7, as some of the concepts might be a bit over the head of a younger child, but a 7/8 year old should be able to grasp the games just fine. There are a few games that actually list the age minimum as 9, so watch out for those. 

This one would make an excellent family gift, as everyone can have a shot playing. And I loved that it was all contained in just the one book. No big box to store!

Finally, I was sent A Super-Sneaky Double-Crossing Up, Down Round and Round Maze Book by Larry Evans, which is as cool as it's title makes it sound! I didn't actually DO the mazes...I would rather let a niece or nephew play within the pages, but these mazes look like a ton of fun. Definitely different than your typical maze. 

Everything from skydivers to rollercoaster tracks, clouds and lava make up these mazes, all easy enough for a 4 or 5 year old to accomplish. This would make a really nice activity to take on a plane or in a car for some simple entertainment. Unless of course your child gets carsick...then skip this one and play thumb wars! 

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