Monday, August 29, 2011

Moonglass review

Anna is not thrilled when her father accepts a job transfer the summer before her junior year of high school, forcing her to leave her beloved beach and friends behind. Though they'll be living right on the ocean, Anna and her father's new home happens to be the same beach town where her parents fell in love and where her mother died...things Anna would just rather not have to confront. 

While she gets to know her new surroundings, making friends, joining the cross country team, and flirting with lifeguards, Anna also begins to learn more about her parents, their relationship, and what led up to her mother's death. The ocean helps her in a healing process that never truly took place all those years ago and brings up memories that she and her father are now forced to talk about. 

Though the cover led me to believe this was a super beachy romance, there really is a lot more in the pages of Jessi Kirby's debut novel. The descriptions of the ocean and what it does to Anna was gorgeous and I loved the role sea glass played in her healing process. The relationship between Anna and her dad was completely believable and I thought it played out nicely throughout the novel. All of their issues were definitely not solved, which I appreciated. No neat wrapping up into a bow. 

The subject matter sounds on the heavy side and though there is a lot of emotional "stuff" going on, this was really a nice, end-of-summer, lighter read. The romance added an element of lightness and humor, as did Ashley, Anna's first friend in her new town. A really good read to finish up the summer with. 

Sarah Dessen has a blurb on the front and rightly so. The book is reminiscent of her first books, with a splash of Jenny Han's "Summer" series thrown in. 

Jessi Kirby
232 pages
Young Adult
Simon & Schuster
May 2011
Library copy


April (Books&Wine) said...

Reading your review of Moonglass makes me want to read Jenny Han's series, because I really enjoyed Moonglass and if it reminds you of Han's series, than it has to be good, right?

Great review!!

Sarah said...

Must read this one! I love Jenny Han's series so if it's anything like that, this book is for me I'm betting.