Saturday, August 20, 2011

Picture Book Saturday: A Storm Called Katrina

The anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is quickly approaching and I'm hoping to get the word out about this fabulous book in enough time for you to get your hands on a copy to share with your kids. I haven't read another picture book about the hurricane and this one has an amazing emotional impact, showing children a personal side to a natural disaster.

Ten-year-old Louis and is family live in New Orleans and are faced with evacuating their home as flood waters quickly begin rising after Hurricane Katrina. Knowing he can only grab one item to take with him as they rush out of the house, Louis takes his brass cornet and heads out the door, ending up at the Super Dome.

Through the story, Louis faces what so many of us could only watch on our televisions. He sees stray animals, a family member becomes lost, and the entire family must deal with the heat and crowding at the Super Dome, waiting on help.

Myron Uhlberg has created an incredibly powerful story, without it being too scary or overly detailed. It's very important to be able to present a tough subject in a readable manner that will open up discussion with younger children, without scaring them. This book does an excellent job of portraying a tragic and terrifying event in a story format that all children will be able to understand. 

A Storm Called Katrina
Myron Uhlberg
40 pages
Picture Book
Peachtree Publishing
August 2011
Review copy provided by publisher

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