Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week in Review


I think I've figured out that in order to really break out of this reading slump I've been in for the past 6 months, I need to stop reading as much YA as I have been. I love my YA as much as the rest of you, but adult fiction and non-fiction just tends to make me savor the words a bit more and think a little harder. Rather than racing through mediocre (or even GOOD) books at this point, I would much rather read slower, indulge in longer books, and start really loving the books I'm reading. 

I picked up The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball this weekend during the whole "hurricane hiding" adventure and loved it. Reading about farming and growing/raising your own food during a heavy rainstorm is just fun! A review will be up later this week. Definitely one for fans of Farm City by Novella Carpenter, which I also loved, or even probably for those that loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Haven't gotten to that one yet, but from the sounds of it they're along the same lines. 

I'm still listening to Red Hook Road by Ayelet Waldman, which is wonderful. A tragic story, but beautifully written. Character driven, just how I like it! 


Project Runway is already getting crazy! After the first week, I was thinking I really was going to be on Team Bert for the whole show, but that ended fairly quickly. He's a little too rigid for my liking and his clothes haven't looked great lately either. Anya and Laura are pulling ahead for me! 

We watched Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," and though I usually really enjoy his work, this was completely boring. By about halfway through I was concentrating more on a book than the movie and Aaron was into a computer game. Not a good sign. 


If anyone wants to buy this necklace for me, I'd be happy to send you my address!

It's from one of my new favorite shops, LanaOCrystal. Beautiful jewelry at totally reasonable prices. I have a feeling I'll be finishing up a lot of my Christmas shopping here.


This week, Baby Snow is as long as a banana! Not a whole lot has changed in the last seven days, except my appetite. I'm never full at this point, needing to eat something at least every 2 hours, but eating constantly makes me happier ;) If I don't eat soon after the hunger feeling starts, I get incredibly nauseous, which is always fun, so lots of little snacks are being stuffed into my bag lately. 

No strange cravings to report, which is the question everyone seems to be asking. I've wanted a lot of soup lately, even with temps still being in the 80's and I'm still on my lemon kick. Spicy things are also around a lot still and with no heartburn aftermath. I'm lucky with that so far! 

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