Monday, September 19, 2011

New Shel Silverstein?!

As a kid, I LOVED Shel Silverstein's books. I think I borrowed Where the Sidewalk Ends from the local library more than any other book from ages 6-10, mainly because it was just so darn funny! And in an event that I can now refer to as a huge compliment to Mr. Silverstein (though was quite embarrassing at the time), I even attempted to pass some of his poems off as my own. Yep...I plagerized Shel Silverstein. I was about 7 and brought his book up to my room, proceeded to copy four or five of the poems in about 20 minutes and quickly ran downstairs to tell my mother I had decided to become a poet, handing her the poems. I was so  proud of myself. She, however, was not impressed and I was punished for lying. So tragic.

Now, even all these years later, kids are still entranced by the silliness that is a Silverstein poem. His family has apparently given permission for some never-before-seen poems and drawings to be published in a fourth collection, hitting shelves tomorrow. If you were a big fan like I was or are just now introducing your children or students to the hilarity inside these books, make sure you check out the new one!

Every Thing On It
Shel Silverstein
208 pages
September 2011


Ami said...

Amanda! How appalling!! And how funny:) Thanks for letting us know about this one, making an order card right now!

Kailana said...

I am thinking I should start buying his books for my friends kids and then I can read them first... :)