Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week in Review

Well, it has definitely been a busy couple of weeks around here, though not necessarily all "good busy." Started off with the in-laws staying with us for the long Labor Day weekend and though we didn't really do a whole lot, it's always "busy" when you have guests in a small house. I never feel like I can just relax when we have people staying with us, so I was ready for a long nap after a few days.

The plan was to then head to NY last Friday morning for my baby shower. And as life always seems to throw curve balls at my family, I found out my grandmother died Thursday afternoon. This, of course, happens as we're attempting to pack up the car and dealing with a sump pump pipe explosion while it's pouring outside. Oh, and did I mention I found out this horrible news via FACEBOOK?! Such drama. 

So, we didn't have a baby shower, but instead headed up to NY for almost a week of sad family time, calling hours, and a funeral. Talk about mentally exhausting. We got home late Wednesday night and I've spent the weekend attempting to clean my house and spend some time in the kitchen. I'm almost looking forward to filling in at work this week. 

In baby news, this week, the bean is the size of a papaya and weighs just over a pound. I have a huge belly, but I'm still feeling good, though definitely sticking with the tired trend. Also starting to feel lots of kicks and tumbles...very exciting! Blood pressure was up quite a bit at my doctor's appointment this week, but after the couple of weeks I've had, they weren't totally concerned, so I'm staying optimistic that things are still going well. 


Last week brought back one of our favorite shows of fall, Sons of Anarchy. I still find it incredibly strange how much I love the show...I mean, I'm a tad on the conservative side and it's a show about a motorcycle gang that smuggles guns, kills people, has a whole lot of sex, and doesn't exactly use the cleanest language. That being said, the acting is fabulous and the whole drama of the show just totally sucked me in. I love Katey Segal, she's just fabulous in her role on this show, and I highly recommend giving the show a try if you haven't already.


I haven't had a whole lot of browsing time in the past week, though I am in love with the idea of handmade burp clothes. I've seen several that I would love to try out, like these:

They just seem like such a great shape! Inevitably the baby will puke all down my back and these are nice and long...

That's all I have for this week, friends. As those who follow me on Twitter know, I've been in a crazy reading slump and am having a horrible time getting out of it. Send recommendations my way if you have read something good lately!


Kailana said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother!

I tell you, it is getting a bit ridiculous the things people tell you on Facebook...

Marg said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

A bit rough to find this out via Facebook though.

Susan said...

Gosh, Amanda, how come things can't ever be nice and calm for you?? No wonder your blood pressure's up! I hope things settle down soon and that the pregnancy continues to go well.

Ami said...

Have you read The Thirteenth Child and then Across the Great Barrier by Patricia Wrede? Just finished the latter, and I really like the main character. Good world-building, too.