Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week in Review

Since getting back from NY last week, I feel like we haven't stopped moving. I worked this week, which is totally normal for most people, but I've cut back on hours since September 1st (to supposedly relax and help this baby cook), so the work definitely was exhausting. Long commutes = extra long days. It was really nice to be back in the store though and catch-up on all that's been going on. 

The highlight of my week was definitely meeting up with Jackie and her husband and having lunch and gelato! She lives in Seattle and I'm all the way over here on the East Coast, so even after "knowing" each other for something like 5 years, we'd never met up in person. YAY for finally doing so!

Here's what else I've been up to:


I've finally kicked the reading slump, hopefully for good. Finished a bunch of good books this week, including Everybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King and With a Name Like Love by Tess Hilmo, as well as the audio of The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb. Look for reviews of those in the coming weeks. All were really good! 

I'm in the middle of Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman for my book club and though it's not a book I would automatically pick up and I'm not even sure I like it, I'm enjoying the reading experience, if that makes any sense. Plus, it's a quick read, so even if the amount of language and sex talk really start to get to me, at least it's going by quickly ;)

I'm also listening to The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai and really, really liking it. The narrator is perfect and the story is great for librarians (or even booksellers). 


It was finally premiere week! LOVED The New Girl and hated Whitney. The Office was hilarious, though how I didn't hear anything leaked about Jim and Pam having a 2nd baby, I don't know. We also watched The X Factor (even the husband wanted to see it) and both agreed that it's already way better than Idol. We'll see if that lasts. 

I'm still very much loving Project Runway, though I really can't decide who my favorite is. I think Laura makes clothes that I would buy, but I love Anya's style and personality. My admiration for Bert ended after week 2, I he just bugs the heck out of me.

Still not sold on Up All Night. Has it's chuckle-worthy moments, but nothing I wouldn't be ok with missing out on. Same with Season 3 of Glee. Uhhh...boring premiere. And we still have Grey's on the DVR. I love having too much to watch!


This week our munchkin is the length of an ear of corn and I'm definitely enjoying the interaction he gives me alllll day long. Seriously, this kid already never sleeps, I'm in for it in a few months. During church today, especially during worship, he had his own little dance was quite adorable :)

We made a few nursery purchases this week too, which was a lot of fun. Just window treatments, but we're doing a white blackout shade with this cute valance:

It goes with our super simple, but cute bedding set:

When we had Jacob we did the whole "register for a $300.00 bedding set" thing and yes, it was ADORABLE. But, we won't even use the bumper and if this baby uses the quilt at all it will be to puke and poop on, so we definitely went the more frugal route this time. Plus, we really didn't want to do a room theme (just splashes of hippos around it), so the blue and green will go nicely with the yellow and white walls, rather than having the theme decided by our bedding choice.


Just a quick note on some brief changes to the blog. Up until last year, I was an Amazon Associate and made a tiny bit of money on any books purchased via this blog and Working at an indie, I could no longer justify supporting Amazon, especially while making like .35 cents a purchase. Now that the work I'm doing for real money has become almost non-existant, I'm back to looking for other ways to bring in even the tiniest bit of income. Therefore, I've become affiliates with both IndieBound and Powells. You'll see links to each site after each review I do. Just wanted to give a heads up!

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Kristine Stull said...

I was wondering where you got your bedding from? We don't want to do a theme either and I love this set. Thanks!