Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Save a Life review

Jill, a girl grieving over the death of her father still isn't quite sure what her new "normal" is supposed to be. Mandy, raised by a single mom who never really wanted her in the first place, is pregnant and desperately in need of someone to help her. When Jill's mom decides to adopt Mandy's baby and moves the pregnant teen into their home until the baby is born, Jill's life is completely thrown out of control. What does this girl want from her family? Why doesn't her story add up? Why does her mom want a baby of all things in the first place?

Told from the perspective of both Mandy and Jill, the reader is able to gain insight into what each girl is personally dealing with on an emotional level, while also attempting to blend their lives together with a new "family member." A lesson on compassion and healing is delivered along with a beautiful story and realistic characters. Even the secondary characters were done in a way that allowed us to connect with them and see their points of view on the adoption, the entire situation with Mandy as a whole, the relationship between Jill and her mother, etc.

Sara Zarr never disappoints me :) Highly recommended for those of you that have picked up a Zarr book before, have never seen a Zarr book before, enjoy reading Sarah Dessen or other realistic, contemporary fiction, or just need a great read.

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How to Save a Life
Sara Zarr
341 pages
Young Adult
Little, Brown
October 2011

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Deb A. Marshall said...

this sounds fabulous! thanks for the review...and man oh man, that cover is amazing.