Saturday, October 1, 2011

Picture Book Saturday

The Splendid Spotted Snake by Betty Ann Schwartz and illustrator Alexander Wilensky

What a fun book! Telling the simple story of a snake with different colored spots could not possibly be more exciting than with this magic ribbon technique. I've never seen anything else with an interactive element quite like this before, each page pulling a different portion of ribbon through slots in the pages, and kids are going to get the biggest kick out of it!

The snake grows bigger and more colorful with each page turn and the book is made of heavy duty pages and ribbon, ensuring its ability to last for more than a few reads (which all of you librarians and booksellers will appreciate). The ending is quite clever and a bit of a surprise, making for a nice read aloud as well.

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The Splendid Spotted Snake: A Magic Ribbon Book
Betty Ann Schwartz
9 pages
Picture Book
October 2011
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Colors of Me by Brynne Barnes and illustrator Annika M. Nelson

I always appreciate finding new books that speak about differences between children in a thought-provoking, yet age-appropriate way. The beautiful collage illustrations in this one, paired with verse that offers questions surrounding color.

"If flowers had no colors, would they smell as sweet?" and "What color am I to the moon? What color am I to the sea?" are great examples of how the book not only questions what skin color means, but also what color in general means, in a manner that even toddlers can understand.

The illustrations are fabulous and though I'm not familiar with other work by Nelson, I'll definitely be seeking her illustrated books out.

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Colors of Me
Brynne Barnes
28 pages
Picture Book
Sleeping Bear Press
September 2011
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 Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka and illustrator Chad Cameron

This is my storytime read of the week! Better than any "Opposite Day" trick, all of the fun experiences of fall have been mixed up into a super silly rhyming story. Pumpkins are red and apples are orange, squirrels are flying south, bonfires are cool...literally...and kids are eating caramel covering pumpkins and warm apple syrup. Everything you know about fall is flipped upside down!

Kids will love picking out the mistakes and laughing over silly bears gathering nuts and neighbors handing out stuffing and drumsticks at Halloween. It's all very silly and the rhyme flows perfectly. Great for reading aloud to a lively group of kids!

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Fall Mixed Up
Bob Raczka
40 pages
Picture Book
Carolrhoda Books
September 2011
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Sarah said...

I in fact DID read Fall Mixed Up last week and we loved picking apart the pages at storytime. I had a small enough crowd on Wednesday where we could all sit on the ground and enjoy the story at a closer level.