Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week in Review

It's been two weeks since my last Week in Review post, but honestly, nothing exciting was happening around here (which is just the way I like it). This week, however, lots of fun stuff to talk about. Long post ahead, but there's pictures and a giveaway! Hooray!


Favorite topic ever. Can you blame me? So, we had our big growth scan this week, making sure my past history with early-onset preeclampsia is not making a reappearance. Baby Snow is growing right on schedule, at about 2lbs, and has a super cute face. Definitely his daddy's nose according to the 3-D ultrasound. My blood pressure, however, is slowly starting to increase, despite new medications, so they're watching me closely. No other pre-e symptoms yet though, so I think we're still good. 

He was breech this time around, which would explain the super-low stomping I continuously feel, and though we were suppose to get our "he's definitely a boy" statement, the stinker had one leg tucked right up under him the entire scan (30 minutes) and sucked on the toes of his other foot. Flexible AND sneaky.  We're sticking with boy though, 90% is pretty good odds for me.

Baby is the size of an EGGPLANT this week, which is amazing. At this point in my pregnancy with Jacob (27 weeks), we were about to have an emergency delivery in 3 days. I cannot imagine having a baby at this point this time around, so I'm glad this one feels the need to continue the cooking. We have chats every day where I tell him to stay put until Christmas (and he proceeds to kick me in the bladder). 

I had an amazing friend throw me a "Poky Little Puppy" baby shower on Saturday, which was amazing. I've never had one...with Jacob my shower was a week AFTER he was born, 3,000 miles away, and though I was supposed to have a big shower in NY last month, my grandmother unexpectedly passed away 2 days prior. This one was small and quiet, but perfect for me, who isn't quite the fan of being the center of attention. 

We had a "country brunch" complete with food inspired from the classic Golden Book. Muffins with flavors of rice pudding, chocolate custard, and strawberry shortcake were yummy, though left me questioning again...who fed their puppies dessert back when The Poky Little Puppy was written?? Or even now?? 

We made a wish tree for the baby, filled with everyone's thoughts for him for the future, which I LOVED...what a great keepsake! And we had fun playing with new baby toys and clothes. It was a great day. 


Moving on from baby-land....I'm in the middle of Alex George's A Good American, releasing this coming February, and it's FABULOUS people. A wonderful look at American life from an immigrant's eyes. The writing is fantastic and I can't wait to see where it goes. It keeps me company in the middle of the night, as I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'm able to really concentrate on the beautiful words...quiet house, quiet mind!

I also started Maine by Courtney J. Sullivan on audio a few days ago and so far, I'm really enjoying it. I definitely go for more character-based novels than those filled with action or a whole lot of plot, so I think I'm going to appreciate this one a lot. I wish I had been able to get it during the summer though, perfect summer read!

I brought home A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness from the library. A coworker insisted I read it, though I'm not totally sold yet. If you've read it and loved it, sell me!


So, I never win things. Just doesn't happen. And on Saturday, the most perfect day this week already, I found out I won a giveaway! Lisa, one of my favorite bloggers, was giving away the most adorable owl coin purses to celebrate her 5th anniversary of blogging and I won this guy:

 You should definitely check out her Etsy shop: Made by Lisah. She's selling the owls, along with a bunch of other great items for kids AND adults One of my favorite shops. She does custom orders too...just ask my dog :) Her bed was crafted by Lisa!

I also have a giveaway going on...details can be found here. Picture books just in time for the holidays!

Phew! Lots of stuff! Hope everyone else had a great week!


Sarah said...

I love the idea of a Pokey Little Puppy Baby shower. That is too adorable. SOunds like so much fun was had!

Lisa said...

Wow! What a cute owl!! ;)

I often wonder about the writing in books from my youth.

Marg said...

So glad to hear that everything is going so well with baby this time. Lets hope that blood pressure stays down though!

I loved A Discovery of Witches, but to be fair I was hooked from page 1. One of the best characters in the book, the house, doesn't really get going until the last part of the book so I would encourage you to keep reading!