Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Michael Hague's Treasured Classics review

Since finding out I was pregnant back in May, I've been constantly on the lookout for great books to add to my new little one's enormous bookcase. I have some favorites of course, but I wanted a collection of stories that not only had nice illustrations, but also contained specific stories I knew and loved as a child. I want to use the book as a connector between my child and myself and finding the right story collection just wasn't happening. 

When this one came in my mailbox a few weeks ago, I was instantly taken by the cover. It looked old. Not old as in "dated and ugly," but old as in "from my childhood." Definitely a good thing! No bright, splashy colors, just a cool design depicting Jack from "Jack and the Beanstalk." 

I was THRILLED to find a listing of some of my favorite stories, including "The Three Billy Goats Gruff," "The Story of Chicken-Licken," and "The Ugly Duckling." The stories are pretty much as I remember them, though some changes may have been's been quite awhile since I've actually read a lot of them, but for the most part they were just as I wanted. 

Just a quick side note. One of my favorite childhood memories is of my mom reading me "The Story of Chicken-Licken." Not sure when the silly name...which I love...turned into "Chicken Little," but I was really excited to see the original name.

The illustrations are excellent! Not too modern and fitting of some of the darker stories. I mean...the troll in "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" is supposed to be scary...not cute, as is the wolf from "The Three Little Pigs." Yes, they might be a might evil looking for sensitive children, but I think they fit in with the stories perfectly. 

I can see myself giving this book as a baby shower gift, birthday gift, Baptism gift, etc. It's a book to grow with a child and be shared within a family. I'm so excited to have one in time for Baby Snow to arrive and I know his daddy and I will love reading him the stories as he gets older.

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Michael Hague's Treasured Classics
Michael Hague
133 pages
Picture Book Collection
October 2011
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