Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Scorpio Races review

Puck is the first female to ever enter the Scorpio Races. No one believes she can stay alive amidst the famed water horses who live only to kill whatever (or whoever) comes in their path, especially after they killed both her parents and seem to be subtly driving her older brother away from their island home, as well. Determined to prove them wrong, Puck trains with Sean, a fellow rider and lover of the otherwise feared water horses, both set on winning the race in order to prove something to themselves, their town, and even to the ocean and its horses.

Wildly exciting, yet beautifully written. I was completely enthralled with both Puck's and Sean's stories, frantically flipping pages in order to learn what would happen next. The mythical aspect was woven into the story without pause and left me wanting to research more on these water horses and the myths they take place in. Maggie Stiefvater has this unique way with words in which she can write the most exciting scenes in this calm, slow way that really makes the reader sink into the story. Her writing is just luscious.

That being said, my one small criticism is the length. I felt some passages went on a bit too long, making the overall book a little too long. The descriptions of specific settings, emotions, relationships, etc. were beautiful, but at times, wordy. A small amount of editing would have cleaned it up and left me feeling better about a fantastic 350 page novel, rather than a slightly too long 400 page novel.

As much as I loved this book, I'm really happy it's not the beginning of a new series. SO many dystopian series are out there already or just beginning, and it was refreshing to just have a really good story end. Kudos to Stiefvater for that, as well. 

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The Scorpio Races
Maggie Stiefvater
400 pages
Young Adult
October 2011
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Sarah said...

My only small issue with this book was the length too. In the middle it just felt very long and not a lot was happening. It could have been tightened up a bit I think. That being said, I still really, really enjoyed this book.

Jes said...

A book that I don't ahve to wait months to a year to see what happens!?! Sign me up! I will have to read this one once I finally have time for pleasure reading again ;)