Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week in Review

Just a quick Elliott update for this week's review post.

They took his feeding tube out this morning, because he's had a full day of eating all of his meals by bottle. YAY! He started off slowly this morning, bringing Aaron and my stress level up a bit, because he was just NOT interested in eating.  He ate them, but took forever (he has a time limit) and we just don't want that feeding tube to go back in. We blame his disinterest/squirminess on this nasty multi-vitamin that goes in his 9am just really seems to upset his stomach, making him very squirmy. Once that's out of the way, by 3pm he ate like a champ and even took 7 extra cc's of food. We're cheering him on, for sure. We want out of here!

We're trying so hard to be patient, but we're just so close now that I am getting more and more anxious for things to move along, so we can go home. We're incredibly blessed to have this room at the Fisher House, but it's not my home, my dogs aren't here, my BED isn't here. And Aaron had to go back to work this week, so I basically only have nurses to talk to. A bit lonely!

We are so lucky that this eating thing is the last step for us to go's only been 2 weeks since he came screaming into the world, so I really can't complain about too much! He's still doing beautifully.

An after bath time picture:


Sarah said...

He's a looker! Praying that you'll be home soon, with a healthy baby boy.

Thoughts of Joy said...

That's incredible news!!! It won't be long, Amanda! :)

Melissa said...

Oh, Amanda ... I remember these days so well, with my preemie twins. The feeding issues, OMG. We went through this too, and at this same time of year, and being away from home. Very tough. ((((hugs))) You're in my thoughts!

Charlotte said...

Sounds like it won't be long....I'm happy for you that all seems to be going well.

Susan said...

He's looking great - sounds like he's doing really great, too. Good boy, Elliott. Keep it up!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

It sounds like he's doing great. And if he made it the whole day without having the tube reinserted, that's a HUGE step. He's so close!

Give that little bug a squeeze from all of us following his story online.