Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Somewhere review

Hattie loves horses. She's grown up around them and now works at a stable in her free time and feels completely alive while she's there, especially when spending time with her favorite horse, Speed. When the owners of the stable decide that the elderly horse needs to be put down, Hattie knows she can't allow that to happen. 

Hattie and her best friend Delores, a girl with serious problems of her own, set off on one unique road trip. Mission? Set Speed free and allow him to be a real horse for whatever time he has left. They meet several different people along the way, horse lovers themselves, each taking a place in Speed's ultimate story and in the girl's lives.
I LOVED the writing. Not really a "horse book" person, I wasn't sure how into the story I would get, but the emotion just pours off the page. It's one of those books that just oozes heart and I'm a sucker for those. You know instantly that Hattie isn't simply some crazy kid determined to have an adventure, but that she wants the best thing for a horse that has given her so much. She's also fairly realistic, a quality I appreciated, and realizes that Speed is elderly and knows she's taking a big risk for the possibility of a very small amount of time for him. 

Not just a horse story, each of these girls are dealing with some serious personal demons, adding to the reasons that neither were sad to leave home. Those "issues" are blended seamlessly into the road trip/horse plot and left me loving both girls and wanting to see them both succeed in what they set out for.

I would hand this to those who love horse books, but are a bit more mature and ready to deal with the tough subjects discussed between Hattie and Delores. Obviously, non-horse lovers are also able to enjoy the story, myself being a prime example, especially if a great character-driven novel is what you're after.

Finding Somewhere
Joseph Monniger
240 pages
Young Adult
Random House
November 2011
Review copy provided by publisher


Jes said...

I am very excited about reading this! I am a total sucker for a good book revolving around horses :)

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Thanks for posting this one! I have some readers that love horse books so I'm always on the look out for them!