Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week in Review and Cybils love

We had such a lovely Christmas holiday, finally being home from the hospital with E. and just relaxing with our new family of three. On Christmas Day we actually did almost nothing, not even turning on the tv. Just opened presents, read a lot, Aaron fixed my (always) broken computer, and we snuggled with the dogs and the boy. Perfect day!

It's hard not having a lot of family in town, and though we do have a great small group from our church and plenty of other friends who invited us to share in their day, we chose to not take E. out anywhere. We're still super cautious about germs, with him being a preemie and as small as he still is, so we kept things quiet. Fine by me. Even dinner was courtesy of Wegmans and it was fabulous! If I can help it, I'm never cooking a holiday meal again. A nice thought.

I didn't receive a whole lot of "bookish" things for Christmas, as my family is one of those that refuses to buy me books (even if I give a list), but I did get this:

It's a Light Wedge I've already used it several times and I love it! No more bulky light sticking out of the top of my book, falling on the ground, where I have to crawl around on the the floor at night trying to find it. Perfect size and the perfect amount of light for reading. A great invention that I'll end up using a lot, especially with late night feedings still happening. 

I also received these:
So pretty! They're from SuJinBiJoux, an Etsy shop that I'm becoming quite the fan of. I have a tendancy of losing/breaking jewelry, so I prefer to keep mine on the inexpensive side. And these are the first pair of gold-anything I've ever owned. Nice job to the husband!
The in-laws arrived on Friday to spend New Year's with us and E. Another round of present opening and lots of fun pictures taken.

that was a yawn, not a scream, promise. 
Books have dominated this last weekend, with my finishing of Finding Somewhere by Joseph Monniger, a book I loved and totally underestimated. Review of that will be coming this week. I also plan to do one more round-up post of my year of reading before diving into 2012 book reviews.

And, of course, the Cybils finalists were announced this morning! I'm on the 2nd round panel of judges, meaning I get to assist in choosing the final winner from these books:
Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger
The Friendship Doll by Kirby Larson
Ghetto Cowboy by G. Neri
The Great Wall of Lucy Wu by Wendy Wan-Long Shang
Nerd Camp by Elissa Brent Weissman
Warp Speed by Lisa Yee
Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy

This is my first time serving on a 2nd round panel and I'm excited to actually help make "the decision." So official sounding! I've read 4 of them already, though I'm sure I'll be rereading to give myself a refresher. Should be fun!


Our little guy is growing like crazy! He's a bit over 5lbs now and starting to outgrow his preemie clothes. He's going to be like his dad...long and his long little legs are pushing out the bottom of his sleepers, while they're still baggy around the middle. I have feeling I'm going to need to learn how to take in clothes at the waist.

He's eating well and slowly starting to stay awake longer, focus on things, and enjoy a tiny bit of play time. He's still not even to term (38 weeks today), so we won't be seeing most of the typical newborn/1 month old behavior for awhile, but it's fun to spend time with him doing something other than feeding/changing diapers/watching him sleep.

Big doctors appointment this week. He failed his initial hearing test in the NICU and although not uncommon in preemies to fail, he definitely does not display typical reactions to loud sounds, so we have that little twinge of worry that he may have a hearing issue. Follow-up is this Wednesday and we'll find out more then. We're fairly certain he'll be fine, the audiologist who did his initial test gave us nothing except confidence, but just not knowing is nerve wracking!

Look for my final 2011 round-up post tomorrow and a couple of new guest posts in the coming week. Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday!


Charlotte said...

Sweet baby! I'm so glad you got to have him home for Christmas.

Lisa said...

One of mine, either N or LE, failed in one ear. They said something about the size of the ear canal, blah blah blah, and then at the retest it was all fine.