Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dead to You review

Talk about suspense! I'm starting to think Lisa McMann is the queen of teen suspense, because she really does get me every time. I'm a big fan of her Wake series and this new stand alone was quietly creepy and definitely a page turner. 

Ethan was kidnapped as a child, but has somehow found his way back to his family, years later. His parents, of course, are absolutely thrilled that he's home, but his younger brother isn't quite sure what to think. He finds it strange that Ethan can't remember simple events that happened when they were little and finds tiny inconsistencies in the story Ethan tells about his kidnapper. 

Determined to prove he is ready to be the kid everyone remembers, Ethan tries to make friends with the group he's told he hung out with as a young boy, attempts to be a great big brother to the little sister that arrived after he had been abducted, and even tries to get along with his brother, without success. Something is wrong and Ethan's brother knows it. 

If you read a lot of books, you'll probably figure out the ending, however, the way McMann gets us there is pretty awesome. Even though I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen, I still had chills on certain pages and still really wanted to be able to read faster to find out if I was right and what was going to happen to Ethan and his family. 

I think this would be a great choice for a reluctant reader or someone that needs a quick page turner to get into a story. 

Can't wait to see what's next from Lisa McMann! Whatever it is, I'm sure it will make my heart beat a little faster. 

Dead to You
Lisa McMann
256 pages
Young Adult Fiction
Simon Pulse
February 2012
Review copy

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Susan said...

McMann's a local author and one whose books I enjoy. I don't love, love, love them, but I like them and this one sounds like it will be really good. I need to read it soon!