Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Humming Room review

Roo, an orphan sent to live with her strange, wealthy Uncle on an isolated island, is stubborn, a bit snotty, and more than a tad eccentric herself. The house is filled with secrets and lots of delicious ghost stories, all with a sense of darkness and tragedy lingering in the walls. A perfect house for Roo, who tends to be curious in nature, but everyone else living there seems to want her to keep her nose out of anything not having to do with studying. 

While Roo searches for answers to the mysteries of Cough Rock Island, she also begins to grow into her own person, slowly shedding the rigid exterior she has so carefully built up throughout her rough life. As new characters are added into her story, she grows and readers will cheer as she makes progress both personally and in her mission to bring life back to the house she now calls home. 

Fans of The Secret Garden will appreciate the similarities in plot, but also the freshness Ellen Potter brings with Roo's spunky personality. Readers will cheer for her, while becoming utterly engrossed in the mysteries surrounding this eccentric family.

I was definitely excited to see a novel inspired by one of my favorite classics of all time and after reading the first chapter, where Roo creates a beautiful garden made of stolen objects (hidden under a trailer of course), I was hooked. A great family read!

The Humming Room
Ellen Potter
288 pages
Middle Grade
Feiwel and Friends
February 2012
Review copy provided by publisher

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Susan said...

I have this ARC, but I haven't read it yet. My 10 yo daughter, though, has read it at least twice. She LOVES it. Glad you enjoyed it, too :)