Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picture Book Saturday

Randy Riley is a genius and loves robots and science, but the poor kid just can't seem to hit a baseball. When looking through his telescope one night, Randy sees a big fireball heading straight towards Earth and knows he needs to save everyone! Using his smarts and his love of baseball (even if he isn't very good), Randy devises a plan that will surprise everyone and just might save the day. 

Chris Van Dusen is one of my favorite picture book authors and his latest is lots of fun. Filled with excellent rhymes, super silly illustrations, and a great story, I can definitely add it to the hit list of 2012. We read it to the kids at my small group and it was a huge hit!

The pacing of the book is absolutely perfect for a read aloud and the large, bright illustrations will definitely hold the attention of those being read to. The rhymes had everyone laughing (adults too!) and the consensus was that Randy should stick definitely stick to robots. 

If you like this one, make sure you check out The Circus Ship.

Randy Riley's Really Big Hit
Chris Van Dusen
32 pages
Picture Book
February 2012
Review copy provided by publisher

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