Friday, March 16, 2012

Fitness Friday

My first week of being accountable to the entire blogging world and I think I've done really well! I've actually lost 5lbs since getting serious about my health.  I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the scale, because my body has always retained a lot of water, so I'm always supposedly "gaining" and "losing," but every day this week, my weight has gone down a bit. Hooray for little things!

With the beautiful weather we've been having, I've gone out to run a couple of miles twice, but we're battling with Aaron's car, which means we've turned into a one car family for the week and all my errands have to be run once he gets home. Definitely cuts into the cardio time, but Elliott and I have went for walks every day I couldn't run. 

Eating is going really well. My fabulous book blogger friend Kelly introduced me to Lose It and that has been really helpful. I've used calorie tracking sites before, but this one is definitely easier, more user-friendly, and is motivating.

Green smoothies are my new staple for breakfast, I've been making a huge pot of soup each Monday to last for lunches through the week, and dinners have been simple and vegetarian.

With this new feature of mine, I also wanted to start mentioning a few of  the bloggers that have really inspired me to become accountable for how I'm eating and what I'm doing for exercise. Some are new moms, some are die-hard fitness fanatics, some are new to the health scene, etc. I have to give credit to those inspiring my motivation! 

Callie, from The Wannabe Athlete, is a wife, a newish mom (her son is around 7 months old, I believe), a Christian, and as her blog title states,  a wannabe athlete. She's a runner, whether she likes to call herself that or not, and is a proud member of the 10+ minute mile club. Though a lot of other "runners" would consider her times slow, Callie runs at what she's feels comfortable at and FINISHES. Who cares what your time is, as long as you finish the run?! 

Her posts are super inspiring, her son is crazy adorable, and her positive attitude is contagious. Plus, she's running a bracket challenge for cool is that?! I'm loving the motivation that Callie sends into my reader every day! (Callie's photo was borrowed from her blog).

Next week I plan to share some of the reasons why losing this weight and getting stronger are so important to me, complete with some family history. Tissues may be needed, you have been warned!


Kelly J. said...

When you make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself, it helps so much. I've learned this one, too!

I've also found measuring success by the scale is so silly. I like to measure it by the way I *feel* and the way my clothes fit, rather than by some number.

Keep up the great work :)

Kailana said...

Good luck with your fitness goals!