Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitness Friday

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on last week's post. It means the world to me to know how many supporters I have out there...especially those that have watched our journey unfold over the last few years. I certainly wasn't writing about all the tragedy I've experienced in order to gain sympathy from my readers, but rather to show just how much I want to get and stay healthy. Elliott deserves a mommy that sticks around for the long haul!

This week was pretty good for me, in terms of fitness, except I'm now experiencing my first injury. Shin splints. Never had them before and wish they would go faaarrr away. OUCH. I walked 4.5 miles with Elliott on Monday, then ran/walked somewhere around 2 miles both Tuesday and Wednesday and apparently that was just all too much for my legs. Throbbing pain for hours after both the runs. So, today is cloudy and we're busy, so I'm taking exercising off, though tomorrow will be right back to yard work, so that will still burn some calories, while resting my legs a bit. Any tips for shin splints?

I told you all that I wanted to mention some of my favorite bloggers that help to keep me motivated during this health journey and this week I'm featuring Caroline of My Fascinating Life!

Caroline is a stay-at-home mom to 2 boys and a dog (can't forget the dog!) who exercises more than anyone else I've ever known. She's amazing! Bike rides and walks in the morning, lots of exercise classes, and tons of running. She's an exercise rock star! What I love about her is that she has lost lots of weight over the years and kept it off, but allows herself to indulge in things like ice cream and the occasional cocktail. She's totally my kind of girl. I'm never going to give up everything I love in order to lose weight faster...that just wouldn't make me happy...and it's nice to see someone else have the same mindset. Moderation works!

(Image borrowed from Caroline's blog!)

All in all, I'm down a total of 6lbs since I started all this and hopefully they'll keep coming off. Like I said before, I don't rely on the scale for anything other than a curious glance now and then, because it seriously fluctuates like crazy.

I did have a slight almost-breakdown when I was convinced a certain dress in my closet would fit and it did not. Need it for next weekend and waited until today to try it on, hoping and praying it would zip and it definitely doesn't. We not only don't have the budget for a new dress, I really had hoped I had slimmed down enough from having Elliott for it to fit. Trying not to be discouraged from that one thing. 

Onto another week!


BookBelle said...

Good work this week! Have you ever considered workout videos? There is some new one I want to try that uses sliding discs (for carpet or wood floors)under your feet. You will be exercising in a low impact horizontal sliding motion. It may work until you can heal those shins. I think you can find the exercises on the web and use paper plates on wood floors if you want to do it cheaply. 6 pounds is grand!

CarolineCalcote said...

Um, thanks for linking to me way back in March! Haha. I just upgraded to and the linkback showed up on my dashboard. I don't know why I never saw it when I was on! I guess things fall through the cracks. Anyway, thank you so much! xoxo