Friday, March 9, 2012

Fitness Fridays: New Feature!

New feature! Now, I know this blog is called A Patchwork of BOOKS, but really I should have called it a A Patchwork of Life. Back when I started this blog (FIVE YEARS AGO), I really just planned to do book reviews of titles I checked out of the library. Little did I know what a huge project this blog would turn into, that I would get UPS deliveries of review copies almost every day, and that I would have the readership that I do. I absolutely love the books, but my life has become so much more than just reading. I don't even work in a library anymore...miss it like crazy, but hey, life changes right?

I've started morphing the blog into a bit more of a "my life" kinda thing, with my Week in Review posts, my updates on Elliott, etc. and I've pondered starting an entirely new blog instead, but this just seems to work for me. I barely have time for one blog, let alone two, and since it's my blog I can write about whatever I want. Enter: Fitness Friday. I'm sticking with my Week in Review on Sundays, my Picture Book Saturdays, my occasional Non-Fiction Monday, and now I'll have a bit of a fitness blog as well. It's become a huge part of days and I really want to have a log and almost an accountability to stick with what I've been doing. If you don't want to read it, just skip over Fridays. I hope I don't scare too many of you away! 

For this first installment of the weekly feature, I just wanted to talk about some of my goals. 

-Get strong, rather than skinny. I don't need to be skinny. 

-Be able to run a 5K by May. This one is going to be hard for me. I recently gave up on Couch to 5K, because the stopping and starting was actually making it harder for me to finish the run, rather than easier. I've never been an outdoor runner, but I'm slowly making progress. 

-Start biking again. I have an awesome road bike that I ended up inheriting after my mom passed away, but it is in desperate need of a tune-up. To the bike shop THIS WEEK. 

-Lose at least 25lbs. Again, I don't need to be skinny, but I do need to be within a healthy weight for my height and I'm not. Pregnancy and bed rest will do that to a person.

-Get off medication. Now, this one I don't know if I'll actually be able to accomplish. I've been told by multiple physicians that my blood pressure and cholesterol issues are not diet/health related, but are hereditary (I've had hypertension since my teens), but I'm determined to at least try. I hate going to the pharmacy and feeling like a 60-year-old when they tell me my med names. 

-As for diet, I just want to keep eating healthy. I have a tendency to eat a lot of sweets, even if they're in small portions, and I want to knock that off. I've already given up my diet soda habit (2 months and counting), and I've significantly increased my vegetable intake. I haven't eaten red meat in quite awhile either and I plan to stick to that. I've always been a fairly healthy eater, not including my sweet tooth, so I think I'm ok in this area.

So friends, hold me to this! Ask how I'm doing, ask if I'm exercising regularly, how my eating is going. And if you don't care about any of this...I'll see you for Picture Book Saturday tomorrow :)


Caroline Starr Rose said...

Go, you! It's possible, I promise.

I'd never run outside the (dreaded) mile in school until a walking buddy turned to me one day and said, "We're running the next half mile. Go!" We ran (slowly) with our jogging strollers each week, and she got me up to three miles.

I've been running for almost nine years now and am still slow but run two half marathons a year. I really do love it, believe it or not.

Sarah said...

I love this idea! I've been off diet soda now since January and I love it. I don't miss it at all and have instead upped my water intake a lot which is healthy for me all around.

I've given up all sweets for Lent which has been so much easier for me than I thought and has actually helped me focus on creatiing healthier meals. I need to lose weight and with my 30th birthday this year I'm determined to make it happen.

Aquabilt Pool Treadmill said...

I read your writing and your writing is great, it could be an inspiration for me.
Thanks :)

susan Mello said...

I love the added human elements of your blog. For years librarians and book lovers have been stereotyped. We are after all people who are mothers, wives, friends, athletes, and book lovers. Thanks for sharing your amazing life with all of your readers.