Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Lorax Pop-Up

I'm not always a huge fan of book-to-movie adaptations, but though I haven't even seen The Lorax yet, it looks adorable. And, at this point, anything about the environment aimed at kids is probably an important movie to see. 

If your kids (or yourself) are loving on The Lorax right now,  David A. Carter has created a beautiful pop-up book, using the Dr. Seuss story and illustrations, in honor of the release of the movie. 8 gorgeous pop-ups and a Dr. Seuss book. Sold.

I thought it was really nicely done and would make a great gift to a child that loved the movie (or hasn't even seen it yet) or an adult that collects pop-ups. Everyone needs a little Dr. Seuss in their collection!

The Lorax, Pop-up
Dr. Seuss/David A. Carter
18 pages
Pop-up picture book
Random House Children's Books
January 2012
Review copy

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Jes said...

Nate insisted that he go see The Lorax opening night, and he loved it! Craig unfortunately now knows the horror that is book to movie adaptions and was very upset that it wasn't more like the book.