Monday, March 26, 2012

Non-Fiction Monday: Get Outside

I'm going to totally be one of those parents that insists my child spend at least some time outside every single day. It's a must. Everyone needs fresh air and if I don't make him go out, I think he'll turn into his technology addicted father. Aaron loves being outside, but he loves a certain Apple product more...

Get Outside encourages kids to put down the electronics and find some fun outdoors. All four seasons have sets of activities divided into four categories: Nature Lover, Outdoor Fun and Games, Snug Inside, and Look to the Sky. 

The Nature Love section focuses on crafts and exploration of the outside world. From making tracks, and building a birdhouse, to spying into an anthill and making observations. 

Outdoor Fun and Games gives detailed instructions on structured play. Games like Frisbee Golf and Scavenger Hunt are paired with games that can be altered to suit the child and the environment, like making an ice rink, beach games, and treasure hunts. 

The Snug Inside section is for those moments when the weather just won't cooperate and you have to spend time in the house or in the cabin while camping. Making a night sky dome, stringing snowflakes, and dominoes are all included in this section. 

And, finally, the Look to the Sky section contains activities focusing on the sky at night during the different seasons. Stories about different constellations are included, along with activities about the Milky Way and making indoor constellations.

Truly a year-round activity guide for kids, this is bound to have something for everyone. I think it's fantastic that the authors took the weather into consideration and their instructions for each activity are clear and easy to follow. Nice for a family or a teacher!

Get Outside: The Kids Guide to Fun in the Great Outdoors
Jane Drake, Ann Love, and illustrator Heather Collins
176 pages
Kids Can Press
March 2012
Review copy

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Perogyo said...

This looks great! I am a huge fan of kids being outside playing, that's where all their learning is done. My kids like to be outside with their Apple products though. ;)