Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picture Book Saturday

Happy Saturday! I'm loving these picture books this week:

More by I.C. Springman and illustrator Brian Lies

A magpie begins gathering stuff to place in her nest. One thing here and there and then all of a sudden she has a massive amount of "stuff" in her nest and she can't be comfortable. Her mouse friends are determined to show her that happiness does not lie with stuff. 

I'm a huge fan of Lies' work in his "Bats" books (Bats in the Library, Bats on the Beach, etc.), so when I saw this was illustrated by him, I was pretty excited. The text is sparse, but definitely effective in getting the point of not needing a whole lot of things to be happy across. The art is gorgeous and the story unique and fun. 

I.C. Springman
40 pages
Picture Book
Houghton Mifflin
March 2012
Review copy

Silly Doggy by Adam Stower

Lily looks out her window one more and sees something wonderful in the garden! Big and hairy, with a wet nose and four legs....and Lily had always wanted to have one!

This begins an incredibly silly story of Lily's new pet. So what if it happens to be a BEAR instead of a DOG?!  Super fun, definitely will have your kids giggling! 

A great storytime read aloud with it's goofy plot and large illustrations. Fun!

Silly Doggy
Adam Stower
40 pages
Picture Book
Orchard Books
April 2012
Review copy

A Bus Called Heaven by Bob Graham

When an abandoned bus finds it's way to the street in front of Stella's house, she makes big plans for it. Neighbors that have never spoken before will come together inside, everyone will share their ideas, they'll play games together and just enjoy each others company. And that's exactly what happens until the bus gets towed to the junkyard. Stella then must convince the owner not to trash her bus. 

After the wonderful success of How to Heal a Broken Wing, I had high hopes for this latest one from Graham and I definitely was not disappointed. So sweet! The illustrations are really cute, each character definitely being given their own personality, even if they don't speak, and the bus is just splendid. 

I loved the determination of Stella and her desire to bring her community was beautiful and inspiring. 

A Bus Called Heaven
Bob Graham
40 pages
Picture Book
March 2012
Review copy

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