Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Tillermans are back!

When I was younger, Homecoming and Dicey's Song were two of my favorite books. My cousin and I both loved them so much that each time we would see each other, we would swap the books back and forth and read them again. I never knew there were more than those two books until I was much older...sad! 

 The entire Tillerman Cycle is being re-released this year, in both hardcover and trade paperback! I think the books were fabulous in the 80's when I read them, but still totally timely and relatable for those upper middle grade/teens today. The first three, Homecoming, Dicey's Song, and A Solitary Blue are available now. One of my nieces is going to get all three for her birthday. I think she'd love them!

In Homecoming, we're given the story of a broken family... children abandoned by their mother and left to fend for themselves, is incredibly thought-provoking and beautifully written. The kids have to walk hundreds of miles, alone, to find someone to help care for them. Dicey is put into this terrible position of needing to keep her family together, no matter what it takes. 

You'll grow to love all of the characters and want them to succeed. I'm such a huge fan of Cynthia Voight and this series, and am super excited it's getting attention again. The rest of the books in the series will be out later this year.

The Tillerman Cycle
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Tina's Blog said...

This was one of my favorite series in my middle grade years. I rarely re-read, but this is a set of books I have returned to many times.

Debi said...

I've wanted to read these since I first heard of them a few years back, but just haven't gotten to them yet. I have a feeling had they been out when I was kid, I would have absolutely cherished them. Anyway, maybe this reprinting of them is what I need to finally read them!

Marg said...

I remember the first two books in particular! Thanks for the memories!