Monday, March 19, 2012

Week in Review

This week has just flown by! Such beautiful weather and lots of activities around here. In book news:

I finished up Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin and am just about done with Small Damages by Beth Kephart. Both are publishing later this spring, so look for reviews in a month or two. 

I've been getting tons of exciting books in my mailbox these past few weeks and it's incredibly frustrating that I'm barely finishing a book a week.  I keep telling my husband we need to downsize our house, so I have more reading time. Those of you that have seen our house know how ridiculous this statement actually is. Elliott really doesn't take up as much time as one would think (though he won't let me read and hold him at the same time for some reason),  but my house takes up tooooons of it. Blah to that.

I'm really looking forward to Starters by Lissa Price, which April loved and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, which Debi loved, plus a slew of others. Not enough reading time! That's everyone's complaint though, right?

I started a new feature this week: Fitness Friday. Completely unoriginal name, yes, but I'm not feeling my most creative lately. I really just wanted to remain accountable for this journey to strength and health, and who better to keep me on track than all of you?! My husband is too nice to me to tell me to kick it into gear ;)

Here's to another fabulous week!

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Debi said...

I just clicked on your link and read April's post about Starters--sheesh, no wonder you're excited to start that one! If I owned it, I'm pretty sure I would have dropped everything else I was reading just to dive in! Still, I do hope you get to Aristotle and Dante, too--awesome in very different way than Starters sounds to be.

Btw, I'm enjoying your Fitness Friday posts! But since I am most definitely unfit, I don't feel qualified to comment. :P Still I'm hoping your enthusiasm is going to cut through my resistance... :)