Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness Friday

Another successful week has passed. I ate pretty well all week and was able to exercise almost every day, even if it was just weights at home. My shins are still bothering me, but I ordered new sneakers, finally, so I'm hoping that makes a huge difference and I've been icing my shins after each workout, as someone suggested. I took tips from both Callie and Tina and ordered Mizunos, so we'll see what happens!

The one night I went for a good run, I ended up just doing my own version of intervals, which actually seems to give me a better workout than just jogging. For whatever song I'm listening to, I'll walk fast or slowly jog until the chorus, where I'll run as fast as I can until the chorus is over. I'll do that for about 25 minutes and I end up covering quite a bit of distance. The mental part of running gets to me and I always end up stopping before I'm really tired, so these intervals work well, because I have the goal of running hard for just the length of the chorus. 
(Image borrowed from Pinterest)

Since I've been tracking my eating, I've also learned that afternoon snacking is really my main downfall. I know a lot of women have that issue and seriously...3pm rolls around and I'm ravenous for something sweet. I've tried substituting snacking with a cup of coffee and sometimes that works, but most of the time I'm just desperate for something to eat. I've tried allowing myself one cookie or a couple of these amazing Energy Bites that are healthier, but when I'm in that mindset, one or two just isn't enough. Any tips on what you do in that type of a situation?

Biggest Loser weigh-in: -1.2

Ok and this may sound a tad silly, but you want to know my biggest motivator this week? I watched all the back episodes of this season's Biggest Loser. Try watching a 400lb man run on a treadmill and not feel inspired. I ended up working out to the episodes and definitely was a great motivational tool. Now, if only Hulu would let me watch ALL the seasons without having to upgrade!

Haven't done a blogger spotlight in awhile.  Here's Tina, who runs Best Body Fitness.

Tina is AMAZING! She's a mom to 2 beautiful children, a Christian, former binge eater, and personal trainer. She's currently in the middle of running her first Best Body Bootcamp, which seems to be going great, according to all the bloggers I know that are participating. I'm sad I missed out this time, but I'm definitely up for it next round!

She's a great motivator, especially with her passion for running and being fit, despite being a busy mom, and always has something positive to say. I read her blog daily for a dose of inspiration and love to see how far she's coming with her business and her own personal fitness journey.

Photo borrowed from Twitter!

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Ms. Yingling said...

I love the motivational poster! It was just what I needed to go home after a long day at work and run my two miles! Keep up the good work. My secret to not snacking-- ice chips. Weird, but it works. Gives me something to put in my mouth, I guess.